Quality work as always from Rob Fuller. Very happy to have him on board helping with us on some projects.


Finally! Here’s my finished poster for @MtStirling ‘s Automate. 

Hand painted in Photoshop, one sheet poster.

I was asked to create a poster for the film after I made on for Martin’s ‘Flushed’ short. I’m very pleased with the concept, it acts as a sort of prequel to the film. 

Here’s the film.

I don’t think I’ve gone as detailed as this before, I’m very pleased with the way that is has come out.



Interesting little piece about the Designers Debate Club over in the US. Simply posing the question as to whether formal design education is needed to get you places in the design world.

Courtesy of Steven Lake, Dan can be seen modelling his latest shirt …

This is a seriously interesting visualisation of how the recession has affected British businesses.


The UK Recession Heatmap

In 2008 and 2009 the UK suffered through one of the longest and deepest recessions of any major economy. Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed and more than a million people lost their jobs as a result. We analysed company closures across the UK and created a heatmap to illustrate the impact of the recession, discovering an explosion in the number of companies that closed, at its height. Also see our infographic and full story in our blog, Mapping The Recession.

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Our client Bertie & Jack were interviewed on BBC Points West last night (5/12/12). If you haven’t already you should go check out the Bath Christmas market.

Some great illustration work from Rob Fuller for our about page.

This is the first video of a new collective that Dan is involved in, watch this space as the site will be live over the coming weeks - wedothisnow.com

Love the simple style used in this poster … probably helps i’m a big fan of the subject too!

A little snap of our new oak framed partition. To say we’re pleased with it is an understatement. It’s the handywork of the excellent a+b furniture.

Love the aesthetic with this image, little bit on the ‘I’m a cool graphic designer’ and Hipster side of things for me to be completely comfortable with it though!


76 Synthesizer – Titanium

Interactive design by Jonas Eriksson.

More graphic design inspiration.

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